States of Secrecy

Scientific secrecy from alchemy to the atomic bomb
A transhistorical conference at Harvard University
April 11, 2009, Science Center 469


Welcome to the website for STATES OF SECRECY, a conference at Harvard University on transhistorical secrecy in science. This conference seeks to look at the role that secrecy has had in the history of science from its earliest days to its most modern incarnations.

This conference is open to the public. Please RSVP to Daniel Margocsy if you are planning to attend. There is no registration process.


April 11, 2009    Science Center 469, Harvard University

9:00–10:15    The Philosophy of Secrets (Chair: Katharine Park)
10:45–12.00    The Politics of Early Modern Secrecy (Chair: Alisha Rankin)
1:30–2:45    Confidentiality, Patenting and Trade Secrets (Chair: Michael Herzfeld)
3:15–4:30    Secrecy in Twentieth-Century Big Science (Chair: Sheila Jasanoff)
5:00–6:00    Keynote and Overall Discussion